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Tidal Commerce was founded by experience e-commerce infrastructure (hardware and software) and marketing experts.

Tidal is a certified Shopify Plus partner that leverages best-in-class e-commerce and cloud infrastructure to integrate, automate, and enhance your e-commerce processes so that you can focus on what your firm does best: sell!

We offer e-commerce managed services, migration services to Shopify Plus and on-demand professional services.


Outsource your e-commerce technology management. Keep control and reduce overheads/costs.
If improving and maintaining your e-commerce operations is distracting you from growing your business, Tidal can help.

Let Tidal take responsibility for maintaining and anticipating the needs of a range of processes and functions to improve and maintain your e-commerce operations and reduce costs. It is an alternative to the insourcing and on-demand outsourcing model.

Improve your e-commerce performance. Delight customers and increase revenues.
If your current e-commerce platform is preventing you from scaling up, Tidal’s Shopify team/experts can help you scale!

We can help you migrate your e-commerce operations to Shopify Plus, identify, integrate, and configure third-party applications to enhance functionality, and improve performance and customer experience.

Tidal’s Shopify certified e-commerce strategy, design and development team can complete the migration efficiently, on time and within budget.

Enhance your e-commerce technology operations. Quickly add to the capacity of your in-house team.
Most companies find it unfeasible to hire in-house experts for every element of their e-commerce technology operations or large one-time tasks. Tidal can provide on-demand expertise for a range of services to assist in-house teams as and when the need arises.

Tidal’s Professional Services range from UX & UI Design, Front-end and back-end development, Headless commerce integrations, 3rd party integrations, custom app development, project management, strategy and oversight.


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